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Website Design & Development for the Town of Helvetia

Role:           UX Designer, UX Researcher, Website Design & Developer

Timeline:     August 2020 - March 2021

Tags:           UX/UI, User Research, User Interview, Website Development

Tools:          Wix, Adobe Photoshop,, Google Drive, Google Meets
Detail:         Design, Research, & Development for website,
                      Volunteer as part of Generation West Virginia Fellowship



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During my fellowship with Generation West Virginia, I volunteered to create a website for Helvetia, a small town known for its rich Swiss culture and scenic mountain location. The website features local businesses, traditional Swiss styles and colors, and includes a calendar of cultural festivals and tourism activities. It serves both the local community and the Helvetia Restoration and Development Organization, enhancing the town's tourism appeal.

Despite the original one-year timeframe, I successfully completed the website within 8 months by maintaining efficient communication and collaboration with the team members.



Helvetia's old website, created over a decade ago, needed a modern update to be more user-friendly. The local community also wanted new features to better highlight their vibrant culture and town activities.



I collaborated with Coat of Arms (COA) creative agency, the Helvetia Restoration and Development Organization, and local residents to create a website that met their specific needs. By engaging with the community and immersing myself in Swiss culture, I designed a website that reflects Helvetia's heritage. The final site features a comprehensive event calendar, a local business directory, information on venue rentals, guided hike registrations, and a donation page. The addition of the hiking tours, a personal suggestion, was enthusiastically adopted to enhance the town’s attractions.

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Process & Research


I gathered insights from Helvetia residents and the Helvetia Restoration team to ensure the website accurately represented the town's vision, history, and culture. Collaborating with the COA team, we chose fonts, colors, design elements, as well as a defined site map that enhanced the site's visual appeal. This collective effort produced a cohesive and engaging website that captures the essence of Helvetia.

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I developed wireframe layouts for the Helvetia website based on interview insights to align with the project's vision. These wireframes laid the foundation for content placement and site functionality. I then designed the site using elements that authentically represented Swiss culture, focusing on fonts, graphics, and colors to create a visually appealing and culturally relevant online presence.

Final Project


Throughout the development process, I refined the website through multiple prototypes, actively seeking feedback from the COA team and local community to enhance user experience and meet their needs. After eight months of collaborative work, the website successfully launched in early 2021.

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↓ Visit the website below

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