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Artist Statement

I see photography as a gate to many avant-garde possibilities.

Capturing a moment in time and admiring the scene has taught me to look around constantly, conceptualize the photo before camera *clicks* and the picture is recorded. 

However, an artist’s journey does not simply end here. I believe that every art related field is an ever-expanding genre of its own.

The inspiration of using photography to compose an imaginary idea has led me to explore and create digital media collages, manipulating images using software for bringing something unique into existence.

Photography teaches the mind to appreciate the view and delve into its surrounding, sharpens our eyes to catch that concealed side of the scene. Moreover, visual art takes this innovative sense one step forward; allowing the imagination to take over and blend the real life into a profound adventure.


Nima studied at West Virginia University Institute of Technology and received Bachelor of Science in Information Systems with minor degree in Business Administration.
He values education and specifically STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education.
While enrolled as a full time student, he has pursued his passion of outreach and helped younger students succeed in science and business topics.

While being an undergraduate student, Nima had the great opportunity to conduct researches on both fields of Biology and Computer Science.
To name a few accomplishments, the results of research was presented at environment protection national conference in 2018 and received funding from NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium in 2019.

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Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, Nima found Photography and Arts as a main passion and a true way of expressing ideas and emotions.
Even from an early age holding a camera and capturing a moment in time was fascinating enough that by 2005 when he finally owned his first digital camera, nothing could stop him from capturing and learning from each photo.
From Landscape photography to Architecture, Urban and Photojournalism he made his way into capturing many events and ceremonies where candid shot was the main key to success. Being able to pause one thousandth of a second to show a smile or an expression of someone was valuable enough that inspired him to begin his works into portrait photography where expressing one's emotion or characteristic is the main element in that precise moment of time.

After pairing up and learning from his mentors, he was introduced into the vast world of digital media and collaging. "Photography creates what you can see or preserves that scene forever, but what it cannot show is a scene that mind creates using imagination." With that said, he chose photography as a main tool of giving life into different forms of fictional and visionary forms of digital collages to show an impression or idea.

Knowing others' thoughts about different artworks has always played a major role in an artist's career and Nima hopes that by sharing what he has created over the years, he can progress and dive deep into the grand waters of imagination and art.

• Nima is a member of Tamarack: Best of West Virginia

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