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Artist Statement

Photography, as I perceive it, serves as a portal to a plethora of avant-garde opportunities, unlocking a realm where time is both captured and transcended. This dynamic medium cultivates a perpetual state of awareness, prompting me to immerse myself fully in my surroundings and envision the potential tableau that lies before the shutter even clicks.

However, I contend that an artist's voyage extends far beyond the mere act of capturing a moment. I subscribe to the notion that each artistic discipline exists as a continually evolving entity, a canvas of infinite potential and subtle complexities.

This conviction, coupled with a penchant for nurturing imaginative concepts through photography, has propelled me to venture into the domain of digital media collages. By adeptly manipulating imagery through advanced software, I endeavor to bring forth unique creations that meld perception and innovation, presenting a refined lens through which to view the world.

Photography not only educates the mind to embrace and scrutinize the gradations of its environment but also refines our visual acuity to perceive the often overlooked shades of a scene. Extending beyond this, visual art amplifies this inventive sensibility, permitting the imagination to flourish unfettered, melding reality with the profound depths of fantastical adventures. Through this symbiotic relationship between the tangible and the imagined, I seek to craft visual narratives that resonate on deeper, more evocative levels, inviting viewers to embark on journeys that transcend the confines of conventional representation.


Nima embarked on his academic journey at the West Virginia University Institute of Technology, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, supplemented with a minor degree in Business Administration. A staunch advocate for education, particularly within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) sectors, he dedicated himself to fostering educational advancement and outreach initiatives.

During his tenure as a full-time student, Nima passionately pursued outreach endeavors, mentoring younger students and guiding them towards success in the spheres of science and business. His undergraduate journey was marked by remarkable opportunities to engage in extensive research within the realms of Biology and Computer Science.

Among his notable achievements, Nima had the distinct privilege of presenting his research findings at a prestigious environmental protection national conference Commission for Environment Cooperation Young Innovation Challenge in 2018 and American Society for Engineering Education in 2020. Further cementing his reputation as an emerging scholar, he secured funding from the NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium in 2019, an accolade that underscores his commitment to bridging the realms of technology and environmental stewardship.
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Currently furthering his education as a graduate student at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Nima is immersed in the study of User Experience Design. This endeavor represents a harmonious convergence of his background in technology and his artistic aptitude, positioning him at the forefront of innovative design approaches that promise to redefine digital user experiences.
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Hailing from the vibrant city of Tehran, Iran, Nima cultivated an early affinity for the realms of photography and art, recognizing them as potent mediums for articulating complex emotions and ideas. His initial intrigue with capturing ephemeral moments blossomed fervently, culminating in the acquisition of his first digital camera in 2005. This milestone marked the onset of an unwavering journey of exploration and learning through the lens.

Nima has honed his skills across various photography genres including landscape, architecture, urban, and photojournalism, steadily establishing himself as a proficient chronicler of events and ceremonies where the nuanced art of candid photography thrives. His ability to encapsulate fleeting expressions—a smile, a gesture, a nuanced glance—within a fraction of a second, inspired a seamless transition into portrait photography. Here, he channels his prowess into capturing the essence of individuals, mirroring their characteristic emotions within precise, timeless frames.

As Nima furthered his craft under the mentorship of seasoned professionals, he ventured into the expansive domain of digital media and collage artistry. Guided by the philosophy that "Photography not only crystallizes visible realities but also harnesses the power of imagination to conjure unseen worlds," he adopted photography as his primary instrument to breathe life into an amalgamation of fictional and visionary digital collages. These pieces transcend the conventional, offering viewers a glimpse into abstract impressions and ideas.

In Nima's artistic journey, feedback and diverse perspectives hold a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of his career. He eagerly anticipates engaging with a broader audience, fostering dialogues that enrich his foray into the boundless ocean of imagination and artistic expression. Through sharing his accumulated portfolio, Nima aspires to evolve continually, charting newer depths in the expansive seas of creativity and art.

• Member of Tamarack Foundation of Arts
• Member of Beckley Art Center

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