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UX Portfolio of
Nima Shahab Shahmir

User Experience Designer
Background in Business and Computer Science

Hello, I'm Nima

I am a passionate UX designer with expertise in front-end development, project management, and entrepreneurship. My approach focuses on user-centric design, effective communication, and optimizing user interactions.

Experienced in UX Design and UX Research, I have worked on significant projects for platforms like Instagram and Spotify, prioritizing user satisfaction and efficiency.


My background also includes balancing user needs with aesthetic design and a commitment to continuous learning in emerging UX techniques.

I am adaptable, capable of working in various team dynamics, and eager to contribute to organizations that value user engagement and innovative design solutions.
My goal is to continue growing professionally while making impactful contributions in UX.


  • Master's Degree in User Experience Design - Expected May 2024

  • Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems

  • Minor Degree in Business Administration


  • Figma

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Slack

  • Google Applications


  • Designer & Creative Thinking

  • Team Collaboration & Communication

  • Detail-Oriented

  • Photography, Videography, Digital Media

  • Billingual

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