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Future Fungi
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Less room for plastic, more room for mushrooms
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Future Fungi main goal is to reduce the usage of plastic and Styrofoam by introducing new materials which are %100 bio-degradable, plant-based, and also eco- friendly.

Rather than using chemicals or petroleum for the production process, Future Fungi has substituted naturally grown matter which is unique.

The non-biodegradable plastic and Styrofoam trash are toxic for the nature and damage our most precious ecosystems.

Future Fungi provides organic and green material in order to grow products that will replace the hazardous plastic trash, protect our natural resources, and also nurture the environment.

Future Fungi Prototypes.jpg

What material is used?

Final stage of prototypes

By using a patented process, agricultural by-products and mushroom spores are mixed to create items that have unique qualities.
Future Fungi has successfully produced %100 bio-degradable first stage prototypes of mycelium based cup/planting pots, mycelium based packing peanuts, and mycelium based board/panel.

These material are light enough to float on water and at the same time strong with superior shock absorbing properties. Heat resistant and water proof are also among these qualities. Once they have served their use, it can be easily added to compost pile or crushed and mixed with soil as a natural fertilizer where the process of biodegradation begins.

Although these items may not be Future Fungi final products to be marketed, they have been made as a proof of concept that the idea of a new environment-friendly based material is not far from imagination but in fact, can be done both energy efficient and cost effectively.

Who is the CEO?

Nima Shahab Shahmir is an innovative entrepreneur with the goal to reduce plastic usage in daily life.

His green business, Future Fungi, grows marketable items from unique and            eco-friendly material such as mycelium and agriculture waste products.

Nima also studies toward Bachelors of Science in Information Systems with minor degree in Business Administration at       West Virginia University Institute of Technology.

Future Fungi is a West Virginia based environment-friendly small business.

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CEC Profile Picture.jpg
Nima presenting Future Fungi, LLC to environment protection agency members
of United States, Canada, and Mexico during Commission for Environmental
2018 national conference. Future Fungi, LLC was chosen to represent 
the United States for the conference.

Awards & Press release


  • Patent-Pending Business

  • Represented the United States during Commission for Environment Cooperation Youth Innovation Challenger national conference

  • Panelist during West Virginia University (WVU) Foundation A State of Mind: The Campaign for WVU

  • Panelist during the West Virginia Community and Development HUB Project

  • Finalist during West Virginia University Show of Hands Business Pitch Competition

  • Presented during 2018 15th Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol Charleston, WV

  • Finalist during Saint Louis University 2017 “Real Elevator” Business Pitch Competition

  • Project accepted for National Science Foundation I-Corps short course program, STEM marketing

  • Graduate from Robert C. Byrd Institute Ten50 Business Accelerator Program

  • $10,000 Robert C. Byrd Institute Vanguard Agricultural Challenge Business Assistant Grant

  • $500 pitch prize New River Gorge Development and Authority Common Grounds Competition

Press Releases:

  • Article on Medium published by Commission for Environmental Cooperation                   February 2020

  • Featured on The Neuron, West Virginia Science & Research magazine                      Spring 2017 Edition

  • West Virginia Living, Morgantown Living, WVU Magazines                                  December 2018 - 2019

  • Register Herald Newspaper                                                                September and December 2018

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency                                                                                July 2018

  • Mediaterre - French global information website for sustainable development                        June 2018

  • WOAY TV, WVVA TV News Channels                                                July, August 2019 and October 2018

  • Mountain Messenger Newspaper                                                              August 2017 and June 2018

  • Register Dispatch Newspaper                                                               September and February 2017

  • Featured on The Neuron, West Virginia Science and Research Magazine                      Spring 2017 issue

  • New River Gorge Regional Development Authority                                                          January 2017

      For a complete list please visit my LinkedIn under "Accomplishments".

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