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Nima Shahab Shahmir

UX Designer with background in Business and Computer Science

I am a dedicated UX designer, passionate about crafting user-centric solutions and enhancing digital experiences. In my journey through the world of design, I've held steadfast to values such as effective communication, collaborative synergy, and a genuine commitment to optimizing user interactions. My fervor lies in understanding user needs and translating them into designs that not only appeal aesthetically but function with efficiency and intent.

My previous projects encompass designs for prominent platforms like Instagram and Spotify, as well as bespoke website UX design endeavors that consistently focus on user satisfaction and efficiency. Through these experiences, I've gained proficiency in UX Design, UX Research, and team collaboration. Reflecting on my past roles, I've grown to appreciate the art of balancing user needs with design aesthetics, always striving for a seamless blend of form and function. I've also recognized the importance of continuous learning, regularly adopting new techniques and methodologies that enhance the design process.

I am deeply interested in delving further into areas of UX that align with my experiences, particularly in platforms that prioritize user engagement and interaction. Whether it's collaborating in dynamic teams, taking on leadership roles, or engaging in remote settings, I am adaptable and eager. My goal is to align myself with organizations that share my values and aspirations in UX, wherein I can contribute meaningfully while also continuing my growth trajectory.



Maryland Institute College of Art

Master of Professional Studies in User Experience Design

2022 - Expected 2024

West Virginia University Institute of Technology

Major: Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Minor: Business Administration

2016 - 2020

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