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Website Design & Development for the Town of Helvetia

Role:           UX Designer UX Researcher Website Design & Developer

Timeline:     August 2020 - March 2021

Tags:           UX/UI User Research User Interview Website Development

Tools:          Wix Adobe Photoshop Google Drive Google Meets
Detail:         Design, Research, & Development for website, Volunteer as part of Generation West Virginia Fellowship

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Despite the original one-year timeframe, I successfully completed the website within 8 months by maintaining efficient communication and collaboration with the team members.



During my fellowship with Generation West Virginia, I volunteered to create website highlighting the rich Swiss culture of Helvetia.
Helvetia is a small town located in the beautiful mountainous region of West Virginia. It is active in the tourism scene with yearly cultural festivals and events.

The website showcased local businesses, traditional styles and colors that reflect the town’s cultural background, a calendar of traditional events, and tourism activities.

It was designed to cater to both the local community and the Helvetia Restoration and Development Organization.




Prior to commencing this project, the town of Helvetia had an existing website that was created over a decade ago. While the previous website served its purpose adequately, it was in need of a contemporary and user-friendly design.


Additionally, the local community in Helvetia expressed the desire for new features on the website to effectively showcase their vibrant culture and town activities.



I collaborated closely with the COA team, Helvetia Restoration and Development Organization, as well as the local residents to develop a website that caters to their unique requirements. Through extensive discussions and interactions, I gained valuable insights into the limitations of the existing website and the desired features that the community wanted to see implemented.

Immersing myself in Swiss culture and design further aided me in crafting content that truly reflects the town's heritage and roots.

The final iteration of the website encompassed various key components, including a comprehensive calendar showcasing traditional events, a directory of active local businesses in Helvetia, information on venues available for event rentals, a sign-up page for guided hiking tours, and a dedicated "Donate" page as part of the website to provide an avenue for people to support the town of Helvetia through online donations or sign up for volunteering.

The inclusion of the hiking tour concept was a suggestion of mine, which the team wholeheartedly embraced to enhance the town's offerings.

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Process & Research


I conducted interviews with local residents of Helvetia to gain valuable insights into their vision and expectations for the website. Their input and feedback guided the development process, ensuring that the website truly represents their interests and desires.

Additionally, I worked closely with Helvetia Restoration to gather comprehensive information that would be utilized in different key sections of the website. This collaboration ensured that the website accurately showcases the rich history, culture, and activities of the town.

To create a visually appealing and cohesive design, I collaborated with the COA team to select appropriate fonts, colors, graphic design elements, and photography that aligned with the overall aesthetics of the website. This collaborative effort resulted in a visually engaging and harmonious website design that resonates with the essence of Helvetia.

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I developed wireframe layouts for each page of the website, ensuring they aligned with the project's vision derived from interview data.

These wireframes provided a structural foundation for the website, guiding the placement of content and functionality.

Next, I created the website using design elements and colors that authentically represented Swiss culture. By carefully selecting fonts, graphics, and photography, I aimed to create a visually appealing and culturally relevant online presence for the town of Helvetia.

Final Project


Throughout the development process, I iteratively refined the website through multiple prototypes.

I actively engaged with members of the COA team and local community members, seeking their valuable feedback to improve the user experience and ensure the website met their needs.

After eight months of dedicated work and collaboration, the website was successfully launched in early 2021

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↓ Visit the website below

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